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Thursday, 30th August 2012 , by ProxyAdmin

Welcome to Ultima Proxy. We enable free test account for you and please do enjoy up to 30 minutes trial test on our proxy services. Please noted this not limited to World Of Warcraft only, you may try use this services to connect any online games which is support TCP/UDP connectivity.

No Server Remarks Order
1 my-proxy.ultima.com.my Optimized For US/Asia Games Server Order Now
2 sg-proxy.ultima.com.my
Optimized For US/Asia Games Server
3 la-proxy.ultima.com.my
Better Route to US Region Games Server
4 eu.ultima.com.my Best Route to Europe Region Games Server

All you have to do is setup as below :

1) Install/Setup Putty (Due to recent abuse of testacct we decide to disabled it. please request it via email.)
2) Install/Setup Proxfier (Recommended)
3) Launch your games.

Putty/Proxifier Installation/Setup

1a) Download the putty.exe from link

1b) Download ultima-server.zip and unzip it. Double click ultima-server.reg to import server configuration.


1c) Double click the server name and You will see the loign pages . key in your login ID or use our master test accout to login putty.

1d)The password part is invisible . So just type in your password and press enter.

2a) Dowload and install Proxifier 3.15 here

If you have Proxifer problem kindly plsease email me cs.cheah@ultima.com.my

2b) Download the Ultima setting for Proxifier

Now, please download proxifier configuration rule file and load it on Proxifier.

Download config

2c) Double click the setting files . Login to Putty first with Ultima ID

2e) Run the games like normal .

Current games setting include

a) World of Warcraft
b) AIon
c) Rift
d) Champions Online
e) Diablo3
g) Guild War 2

Run Putty with our updated server list and connect as normal. Make sure Proxifier is running, you can choose to minimize it to the system tray if you wish.

Alway check the Proxifier during you in games . If you tunneled to our server something like this will be in the proxifier program


I) Run the program . Click the Proxification Rules

II)Click the add button to add the games you want to support Ultima proxy

III) Click the add button to add the game.exe .
Example wow.exe Leave the IP Ranges and Port Range default if you not sure the setting for your games.

3) We support many games like Aion , Rift online , HON , Starcraft 2 and many more . Almost same setup just in the Proxifier software last part you need drag in the game.exe file or browse to it. And run the game from Proxifier (You need login to our sever using putty first ) Enjoy !