Tips Getting better latency


First of all there is few network term you need to know .

1) IP Address - An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.[1] An IP address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing. Its role has been characterized as follows: "A name indicates what we seek.

An address indicates where it is. A route indicates how to get there. example . , etc 2) IP range - IP range mean IP start form one same group of IP example is in 60.xx.xx IP range is in 124.xx IP range Important difference IP range mean the network signal packets may take difference route or path to reach destination . So it mean also if difference IP range you will get difference latency in the games . So finding the best IP range is important! 3)Network Hops . a hop represents a transition point that packets traverse on the path between source and destination. Usually the more hops the packets go through the more higher the latency . Just like taking a bus from Point A to Points B .

If the bus taking too many stop at rest room (hops) etc . Sure the arriving time will delay . Some games server is located in US . like games World of Warcraft , Aion and etc. In Malaysia there is few ISP provider TM NET , Celcom , P1 etc . all have their own ip range . I will take Streamyx as an example here .

This is few common IP range you can get form Streamyx 60.xx 124.xx 118.xx 115.xx 175.xx First Step in this guide is find all IP range that you can get in your area . some area maybe have different IP range . some area can get 60.xx , 118.xx only . some area maybe get all ip range above . So it is depend on your location. To check your current IP address . use this How to get all ip range . Easy just restart your modem or disconnect from modem , or if u using manual connection just disconnect it and reconnect again !

Second Step to we need a trace route using difference IP range to the destination (Games server ) If your not sure how to do it I will guide you here .

Download a program here.(

Run it after install

(Figure 1 )

At the Address to Trace type in our server address: ( for testing purpose)

Figure 1 is trace our is located at Malaysia . so the latency to the server is 17ms this is normal for server in Malaysia . normal ping is form 15-30 ms. If you get above 100ms for your line is lagging already.

(Figure 2)

Figure 2 is trace route our is located at Singapore . so the latency to the server is 32ms this is normal for server hosted in Singapore . normal ping is form 30-40 ms . if you get higher than 100ms . That mean something wrong with your internet connection please contact your ISP. Some may ask My-proxy or Sg-proxy which one is better server to play US based online games. It depend the route and how many hops form Malaysia/Singapore to US server . Form our experiences SG have slightly better latency compare to Malaysia . IF playing Taiwan or China based online games , My-proxy have slightly better latency .

(Figure 3)

(Figure 4)

FOR US part Figure 3 is trace route to and our located at USA . so the latency to the server is about 215ms this is for server in USA or can say this is the best latency to any server in US. You can not find any US server with latency below 200ms latency when ping form Malaysia. So this is important part . try all ip range you can get and tracer route and all Ultima US proxy server like , , .

If you get higher than 300 ms mean this mean your games latency will sure higher than 300ms which is a bit higher than normal. IF you get a 215 ms to Ultima server your latency in games will be slightly higher than 215 ms which like 220-240ms. which is the best latency play any US based online games already ! Always chose the lowest latency US server to connect. Conclusion Choose your best ip range ( it maybe difference form place to place ) select the lowest latecny Ultima server . if u playing US based game chose lowest latency Ultima US server . best ip range + lowest latecny server is best combo. enjoy . hope this guide help. thanks FYI Ultima US server can provide low and stable latency as 22x ms to World of warcraft US . ~!~

1) If i streaming or download in my network will it effect my games latency ?
YEs it will effect seriously your game latency ,strict no download or streaming when play games .

2)I can't get latency as low as this guide claim how come ?
Some area the ISP provide like streamyx , P1 etc have bad connection , jumpering etc. You need to keep complain to them . Ask them open a report . Follow up this report .

3) My friends use Ulitma proxy can get low latency , but when i use is lagging ?
This is because different area , different ip range . different ISP. you will get difference latency also . Please refer back to question 2.