Frequen Asked Question


1) My World of Warcraft account have been lock due to suspicious activity or due to change of the login pattern . Why ? and how do i solve it ? something like this ?

First of all don't panic. This is WOW security to protect our WOW account . When you using our Ultima server to connect to WOW . It will use the server IP instead of your IP . So when WOW system detect the change of IP sometime they will lock your account for security purpose. But don't worry You can easy reset your password by remember the secret question answer or key in the first 6digit of any WOW cd key .

This is email reply form Blizzard staff

" Greetings,

Thank you for your follow up e-mail.  I understand that has been locking your account when changing location or accessing from a different IP.  This is the intended functionality of to prevent possible exploitation or compromise of accounts, however, we realize this can sometimes negatively affect accounts of players who travel often or use lower ping/tunneling/proxy services. Unfortunately there is no way for us to set up an account to access from the number of IPs used by such services as they change nearly every time they are used to allow for the best connection.  Fortunately to unlock an account after this type of action all you need to do is change your password.  If this does continue to be a problem though, I would recommend checking our Tech Support forums for possible workarounds or alternative options to reduce latency or lower ping. Please feel free to write back to us if you have any additional questions or concerns, as we would be more than happy to assist you.  Thank you again for your feedback! "

Step 1
Click the link in the WOW Error message

Step 2 Click the first link , I Forget my Battle net account password , or am currently locked out of my accout . You will link to this pages.


Step 3 Key in your detail , email , first name and last name you will go to below pages.

Ok now choose your Verification method . After success all the step Blizzard will sent you the reset link to your battle net email. You just need to click the link in the email and change to new password. That all you need to do if your account have been look due to change of login pattern. Sound trouble ? I will say no because this is for your account security protect you for the hacker . Once reset the password you can enjoy WOW again !


If you have ever seen a WARNING like this while logging in to Ultima server , please just click on (Y) .This warning appear due to some changes setting from our server , nothing to be worry about

After we have implemented the new authentication systems , you might get access denied with the following possibilities :

- If your account was connected to any ULtima server , you will get access denied for the 1st time you log in again, simply login again with your password will do.
- The particular server is having problem.
- Your account is epxired

4. I have paid for subscription, so now I can share it with my friends right?
We are sorry, Ultima Proxy subscription does not entitle you to log-on with multiple sessions. Once you have logged-on, our servers will register and validate you for that session, you will not be able to log-on from a separate machine while your current session is ongoing.

5) Why i get high latency even i am using Ultima proxy ?
If your experiences lagging please , check the following

a) Turn of all the download (p2p , torrent) , streaming before play the games.
b) Scan your system for virus and malware.
c) Read our guide how to get a better latency . And download the software . See when u do trace route to check your ping is normal or not .Please view here knowledgebase
d) Reset your modem sometime may help in this problem.
e) Try all our server  and choose the best latency server to play . If your play  WOW US . You should choose Ca1 , Ca2 or La  server .
f) Redo your Ultima Proxy setting on putty and Supersock5cap.

6) Which server should i connect to if i play games base in US?
You should use our CA1 , CA2 or LA server because the proxy server is located in US . So connect to nearest to the games server always can get lowest latency in games . But sometime due to our ISP issue connect to US proxy server maybe get unstable latency in this case please try our SG and MY server .

7) Which server should i connect to if i play games base inTaiwan or SEA?
You must use our SG and MY server to play .

8) How to check my Ultima account expired date ?
That is a expired date display every time you login to putty . Or login to members page .

9) What if the games i play not in support list , can i still use Ultima proxy ?
Yes you can try it out . Our Server support most of the tcp/ip based games . We can't list all out all the games . You can test it by simply drag the games shortcut to the Supersock5cap program. And run it .